How To Get A Free  Washington Interstate Highway

We Tell You What Hoops To Jump Thru to Still Get a Free Washington Interstate Highway Map

To obtain free Washington Highway maps mailed free to your home, please call business hours at 1-877-269-2731, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Washington time.

They have a large 18 section online map in PDF file you view or download and print any or all sections. Go here

This Transportation Department also takes orders for the map online. To order the free travel Washington Highway map, (only for the highway map order form online.) Go here

You can also read maps and information online, and download for print out. You can see other guides and literature mailed online. Please Scroll down for details...

To view and/or print out various state of Washington maps go here... or see some of the print out maps below.

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Washington Highway Map

Official Washington State Visitors' Guide

To order the free travel Washington highway map, (only for the highway map order form online): Go here

You can also read a different 18 section pdf print out map here at the separate tourism department web site and interconnect to order other literature on the web. Go here

Remember, maps from Department of Transportation above... Other literature below is from Department of Tourism.


Washington Visitor Guides

Read listings of what you might like. Click on desired tourism information offerings.

Click on Free Brochures, click on the travel guides or any free brochures offered you would like mailed to you. Go here

They also have literature with listings of accomodations through out the state.

This department also takes orders for the online Washington State trip planners. Go here

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